Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Current Status of Warhammer Private Servers

As of 6/25/09 there are no public warhammer server emulators. However I will update this site once there are(at least once a month)!

Apparently creating a private server is against TOS.

For now if you want to play warhammer for free legally check out my site, post below or go directly to prize rebel.
Basically you fill out some surveys get some points and then use the points to buy stuff. I can say that I actually got stuff from here. I got about 20 points ($20) in 2 days.

A 60 day game card costs 28 points
The warhammer game costs 50 points.

If anybody has any real information about this just post a comment

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just a quick update.
Number of War Server Emulators: 0

I thought I found something 

But the server is down :/ oh well.

BTW people I am looking at the referers for prizerebel and nobody is getting anypoints. It is not that hard to get point trust me! I am not kidding!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Warhammer

There is no public Warhammer Online server emulator released yet. There won't be for quite a while either but in the mean time you can just play for free using the steps below.

Using Prize Rebel you can get some easy free stuff such as Warhammer or Gametime. You just fill out some ad surveys/forms and other types of e-mail forms and you get points for each successful form filled. Here are some tips to speed up the form filling process and increase the chances of getting points.

Warhammer online for 60 days is 28 points
Warhammer online game is 50 points
First time I used Prize Rebel I made about 10 points in 30 minutes. Which is equivalent to $10.

Doing the math you only need to get .5 points a day which is really simple!

Please note that offers will NOT work 100% of the time. The 1.5 point offers work about 20% of the time. The medication offers work about 80% of the time. Website sign ups work about 90% of the time. And I suggest you get a new e-mail to sign up for the offers every week or so because the offers are only run by about 4 companies and if you already gave them your e-mail they won't give you points.

First I suggest making a spare e-mail account at
Then Sign up at Prize Rebel
Then to find your address try using or verify the address you choose with

Then insert the details into your automatic form filler.

For Firefox use Formfiller, For IE use RoboForm
You will have optional offers you should fill out one of them. and HP offers are good ones to fill out easily.
To select no faster press Tab then Left arrow.
Then after you complete each of the surveys clear your cookies with CCleaner

If you are using firefox remember to turn off adblock plus and disable any software that might block cookies such as firewalls or anti-virus programs. None of the ad sites have viruses just a lot of pop ups.